About Me

crop waterHello and welcome to my little experiment,

I started this blog to challenge myself to write.

So… what am I about? I think it is in my name. Taino, the name of the native peoples of the Caribbean, a nod to my Puerto Rican Heritage and upbringing; AND Nomad, the way of life I call my own.

I seek beautiful experiences be it in adventure sports or food.  I do a great deal of other things but here, in this space of mine, I am the guy that plays outside and seeks out all that is good in life. Whatever is out there, a part of me whispers, “Jump in… Sideways!”

Below is a video I put together for my University Outdoor’s program that frankly summarizes 2014-2016 pretty well.

I hope you enjoy your visit! Sincerely, Juan Manuel Muñoz Jiménez

p.s. If you want to follow my ridiculousness regularly, Follow me on Instagram @tainonomad or Twitter @tainonomad. I also write on Afar’s website as a contributing writer.

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