Equality Longboards V2.0

A few months back my friends and I had a photo-shoot for my favorite longboard brand, Equality Longboards (click here).  My good Friend Yawen took the shots, two good adventure buddies (Waldo and Mindy) did some modelling and I took a quasi-director/cheerleader role.  I simply can’t leave these wonderful shots gathering dust in my file folder!

If you are curious about Equality Longboards, I wrote about the creator and owner, Jimmy, in this post.  In short he is a really cool dude who is fighting for serious social justice issues like sex trafficking and education in underprivileged communities around the world through not only his church but his own company.

I have nothing but respect for the man and his principles. If you feel like supporting his causes feel free to pick up a board off his website, www.equalitylongboards.com.


p.s. my friend Yawen got a little overzealous with her watermarks, find it in your heart to forgive as I have. 😉


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