A Father and Son’s love of Kayaking

I often struggle, like many sons do, in getting along with my father.  I am often reminded that we butt heads because we are alike in many ways.  When I catch myself brooding like a young teenager at my father, especially at awkward situations around the holidays, I like to remember all the good he has instilled in me, not just my stubborn nature. One of the greatest things my father gave me is my love of the ocean, of the open water, and above all kayaking.  It is something I feel in my blood.  When I was a young boy I wished  I could trek the Atlantic with my father on the northern shores of Puerto Rico.  Like most young boys, I wanted to be just like Dad.  I am happy to say my time has come.  Living in Ohio doesn’t give me much opportunity to brave the mighty ocean but we have plenty of water ways and even pools to kayak in.  That’s right! The POOL! Have you ever played Kayak Water polo?  I have, and you should too.  Nothing like being a battering ram on water.  It somehow makes it more graceful.

Pool side fun!

Over the summer I tried my hand at some Atlantic kayaking and frankly got my butt handed to me.  Lesson learned, don’t kayak on a surfer beach!  Falling in water however isn’t going to set me back.  Another thing I am sure father gave me.  The next day I was kayaking in a bay near New Smyrna Beach, Florida with my friends enjoying that spring heat.  It seemed a full days paddle and I loved every minute.

The Ocean and I

So I dug around some old albums and found photos of my father and I with our shared love of the ocean and water. This December I am sure I will get my boyish wish to be kayaking with the old man in Puerto Rico.  That much is certain.

kayak 2

Little Ol’ me pretending like I am going out in the ocean with Dad.

kayak 1

Father doing an open ocean trek around the Arecibo lighthouse in Puerto Rico.


My father in the middle with two kayak buddies back in Puerto Rico



A fine Florida kayaking 🙂


Ready for my next adventure…


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One thought on “A Father and Son’s love of Kayaking

  1. I also have fond memories of your Dad
    ( my cousin) and his kyack. Mine however have to do with pulling it up eight flights outside along the condo complex and onto a patio in Isla Verde so we could go see Independence Day at the threater !!!

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