Dayton Muscle

I had the good fortune of training with these people a year ago and thanks to them I no longer have crippling sleep apnea.  I wanted to share their passion for pushing the limits of the human body while at the same time helping people like me live a healthier life.  Let me introduce you to The Dirty Gym, Dayton’s premier muscle.

mustle 7

She is gym security.

mustle 10

Co-Owner of the Dirty Gym, Marcus.

mustle 11

Co-Owner of the Dirty Gym, Matt.

mustle 14

Competitive Bench-Presser and Trainer, Tate.

mustle 8 mustle 12 mustle 13 mustle 21 mustle 20 mustle 19 mustle 17 mustle 16 Mustle 15 mustle 24 mustle 23 mustle 22 mustle 3 mustle 5 mustle 6 mustle 4



First time doing black and white photography, having a lot of fun with it.


p.s. See something you like? Feel free to let me know in the comments down below!

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