Dayton’s Latest Culinary Secret

Hello There!

It has been a long while!  I do apologize for the wait, there has been a lot of activity as of late as can be seen in the ol’ Instagram.  Now, I know why you are here… you want to be in on the hottest culinary secret Dayton has for the summer!  I won’t tease you further, the secret is called The Garage! I can feel you are unimpressed.  I don’t mean a regular garage, I mean THE GARAGE, an invitation only, pop up restaurant run by the Chef Lester!  Yes, the man from the previous Salar post!  He is alive and well! He teamed up with his brother and lady friend (Natalie is the chief mixtologist) to make this edible dream come true!  Pictured below is the unbelievably delicious menu. EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING was delectable.  I am not going to pretend like I am a food critic.  Just know I won’t ever lead you astray.  I was particularly fond of the bison tartare with quail egg and mustard seed.  I honestly felt time slowdown as I enjoyed that savory, succulent taste.  To quote one of my favorite authors, “I want to die with a piece of that in my mouth.” (Anthony Bourdain) Not to overstate the food, the beverages played with texture in ways I have not had the pleasure of experiencing until that point.  Classic combinations of hot & cold or tart & sweet were wonderfully accentuated in both the dishes and their alcoholic pairings.  To top it off being there with friends, new and old, made the restaurant experience virtually invisible.  We all felt at home.

Plain and simple, if you want to taste something new and wonderful, you better start asking around for The Garage.


DSC05020 DSC05025 DSC05029 DSC05040 DSC05044 DSC05049 DSC05056 DSC05060 DSC05062 DSC05075 DSC05085 DSC05087 DSC05098 DSC05093 DSC05103  DSC05106 DSC05104DSC05109


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