The Shakery Juice Bar

Ohio, and the Midwest in general, is known for being… meat, potatoes, cheese and corn country. Basically the Midwest responsible for the world’s view of burgers and fries as staples of American cuisine.  The Shakery Juice Bar is here to remind the world that not all mid-westerners are burger folk… they are the Operation Valkyrie* of Nazi run Germany, if you follow my historical pun. The Shakery Juice Bar specializes in delectable vegan fair.  You read correctly, vegan in Ohio.  And let me tell you, as much of an omnivore that I am, these guys don’t make me miss meat!  About a week ago I was stuffing my face with BBQ slider sandwiches comprised of jack-fruit, avocado, pickle, lettuce and cabbage, completely convinced they must have had shredded chicken or other meat product, but they didn’t.  What I really appreciate about the operation that Megan and Earl have, a husband/wife duo, is their ability to bring the vegan cuisine to a place where the Midwestern palate isn’t afraid to try.  They do this by putting scary veggies juiced with delicious fruits and the end result is wonderfully balanced, healthy option.  I am personally a huge fan of their refresher shot, made of lemon, ginger and splash of cayenne pepper.  It gives you a wonderful boost of energy while giving you the sensation that just took down a shot of your favorite strong liquor.

Although their main staple is their wide and delightful option of juices, they usually have at least one food option, as they did this weekend at Canoegrass 2015.  They served up a pesto open faced panini with mozzarella and tomatoes, cooked up on a grill and I am going to be frank, I ate that faster than I could breath.  Everything they make is sourced locally with a network of farmers they have built up over the years.  If you are in the Midwest and are sad no one is catering to your vegan needs fear no more, the Shakery Juice Bar is here.  If you just a person who just loves good eats,  I do believe you will want to catch something delectable the next time you go to a food truck rally in Dayton, Ohio.  If a food truck rally seems too far away, they do juice deliveries!

To find the Shakery Juice Bar, as they are mobile, I would follow their Facebook linked HERE.

To set up deliveries to your work or what have you, go to their website HERE.

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*Secret plot by German army officers to murder Hitler during WW2.  It clearly failed but goes to show you, not everyone was a Nazi during that time period. Duh. 😉

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